Can log in

Hi all…I’ve been using zwift via Apple TV but when I try to log in now it just says error logging in with that account…did you change your password? I can still log on here but I don’t seem to have any options…thanks for any help

Hi @Decci_Irwin

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When typing your username and password make sure you don’t have any spaces. also don’t use TAB to move between fields.

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Thanks for that…It’s just on the main zwift screen where the only options are change user/language or start so when you select your name to start it gives a box saying whoa! Error logging on…did you change your password but you can only select ok

Hi @Decci_Irwin, did you end up fixing this issue? I am having the same problem with my account. It’s a problem on my phone as well as apple TV. I’ve tried updating my password on the Zwift app and Zwift Companion app but the same message keeps popping up.