UK Shop delivery

I was hoping to purchase a Sterzo Smart from the Zwift Shop. I live in Inverness, which is part of the UK mainland. Zwift appear to consider Inverness as part of “The Channel Islands and other locations not part of the UK Mainland”.

Have you guys even looked at a map?

It’s pretty disgraceful that they won’t ship to a destination THAT’S PART OF THE UK MAINLAND.

Support ticket raised, not that it will do any good. Absolute disgrace.

Hi Andrew, if you go direct to Sterzo they say they have 4 resellers in Scotland (all based around Edinburgh). Hopefully you have more luck there

Hiya @Andrew_Gajda

Thanks for flagging this up. We’ve let the e-comm team members based in the UK so we can get the messaging sorted out.

Also FYI - the Sterzo Smart inventory sold out within a day of the Steering feature was announced, and we’re eagerly awaiting replenishment from Elite.