Water surfaces look grey [1.41] [June 2023]

Thanks for the reports everyone. So far - folks reporting this on Windows and macOS.

Anybody seeing this on iOS / AppleTV / Android?

Grey water at Titans Grove:

I can confirm Android is also affected.

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Water is normal in Watopia for me today on PC.

Not all water surfaces are affected. In Watopia I didn’t notice any grey water. In Makuri, the country lakes are grey but the ocean is normal.

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Does it really matter

Based on that last photo I was struggling to see the issue. I’ve often seen water look just like that though it’s normally under a grey sky :grin:

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Yeah just looks like some hazy sunshine reflecting off of it

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Yeah, loving the new feature, just like IRL when the sky is grey. Thanks Zwift, you are awesome!


Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not?

That theory does fall.apart when the river in France, where it is always sunny, is affected as is the water in the desert.


is this grey water going to effect your results if you go past it while doing a ramp test, is it going to effect your Cda while drafting a robopacer that you’ve managed to join up with after having a coffee stop half an hour into a group ride, will it cause you to miss out on a PB on a nearby segment, I would guess the answer to all of the above is … NO

Why have any scenery at all then? Just a road with no surroundings as none of the other stuff makes any difference to those things.


We can ask the same about the title music and the pairing screen. :crazy_face:

We all want something different, but in the end we all want Zwift to be the best it can be. .


Yeah, I agree.

Is it the biggest issue? No. Should people point things out that used to be fine and now aren’t? Yes.


There’s title music?

Exactly. Obviously this isn’t the biggest issue in Zwift, but it doesn’t mean people should not report a bug because it’s minor or doesn’t affect their training.

I didn’t even notice the title music was missing, because I disabled it since my first day in Zwift. But did you see me going to the topic about missing title music and writing “does it matter” or “it doesn’t affect my riding”? No.

Yes, I was being sarcastic.


Yes it will. Gray water means gray sky, which usually appears when it is raining and therefore colder. Colder means denser air, which gives you a higher drag and makes it harder to move. I guess a ramp test is based off watts, not speed, though… but the colder air would compress your (virtual) drivetrain slightly, affecting your watt reading slightly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:joy: Just being smart-alecky

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UPDATE June 28
Zwift version 1.43 resolves this issue, and is rolling out in phases over the next couple of days. Please update when it’s available to you.