Water missing from the Thames [1.47]


I did a quick search and didn’t see this reported already.

I just wanted to flag that I’ve noticed issues in a few spots where water has been missing. Today during a group ride we noticed the water was missing from the Thames in London.

The three riders in the group were using either the latest version of the Apple TV or Mac OS Zwift app.


it basically didn’t stop raing after that until about june though!

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Software development takes time

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Another case of missing water, Neokyo harbor.

just more signs of climate change

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The River Thames has spung a leak…

Thanks all for reporting this, everyone We’re looking into how this might have happened.


I find it amazing that a riverbed was modeled and they just didn’t use blue grass.

Before reading this thread I always thought the sea in Neokyo harbor was green.

If they did I would have never noticed.

Another place in Neokyo where the water appears to be missing, the pond in the castle’s garden.

UPDATE December 5
Everyone please note that rainy season has returned the rivers to their proper watery state.


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