Random Tree out in the water on Richmond course

So I’m riding along on the Richmond course the other day, and on the section of road by the elevated train tracks, I notice a big tree out in the water. Next thing I know I’m trying to figure out how it got there (maybe it was a programming/software mistake; or maybe it was a programmer with a sense of humor; could there really be a tree out in the water down in Richmond? I’ve never been there, so maybe; am I seeing things now? Did I really see a tree over there? It is pretty hot in here…) rather than focusing on putting out watts.

Needless to say, this has no impact on the game (which is awesome), but I’ll definitely be watching the coast with a keen eye next Tuesday to see if I find that out of place tree again!

Keep up the good work!

Hi Pete! Our artists and programmers do have a great sense of humor, but assure me there shouldn’t be a tree in the middle of the water.  Can you open a support ticket and include your computerspecs.txt file located in your documents/zwift folder?  We can let you know if there are any driver updates that may be able to fix this.