Game Update - Richmond Refresh

Hey Zwifters, we’ve finally gone and done it - after many years we’ve revisited our Richmond map and given it a fresh coat of paint. It’s the same map you know and love, but with a fresher look. To top it off we’ve also finally added the ability to u-turn in Richmond, so you can now ride it in reverse if you please.

Additionally this update also includes:

  • Improved distance countdown calculations during events
  • Fix for the wrong segment leaderboard sometimes appearing when entering a segment
  • Additional running workouts, plus the ability to have run workouts based on time instead of distance (note: importing workouts in this format from Training Peaks is not available yet)
  • Fixed race results for run events being inaccurate for late joining users
  • Fixed edge case where Alpe segments would not properly award a powerup
  • Enabled Road Feel for Tacx Neo bike over ANT+
  • Android now supports video playback, for Crit City ‘video walls’
  • Various other bug fixes

NOTE: For a brief time immediately after release Richmond users would have experienced being alone in the world. This is now fixed for Windows, macOS, and Android. For iOS and AppleTV users the Richmond world may still be isolated until a new update is released in the very near future.

Additionally we’ve recently been able to grow our game engineering team a little and we’re going to make our way through some of the long standing bugs a little more aggressively. Next up in the coming update we will be trying to tackle the occasional loss of distance/XP/other stats when you transition from one ride to another, such as teleporting to an event start. If you’ve got another pet-peeve bug that you want squashed, lets hear it.

Ride on.
Team Zwift



Can it possible when we are doing an event or a race to see on the minimap where your friend are. Today only blue spot and no orange one like we can see when we are outside of a race or event. It should be nice to add this option so we can easily see where the guys you are following is located in the race the event.



Le ven. 7 févr. 2020 à 12:07, Jon via Zwift Forums a écrit :


This is really positive but I’d really love to see a major upgrade to the graphics engine in Zwift.

A lot of people will say that it’s not important or not core but you could also argue that about having graphics and a ‘game’ at all rather than just pounding away on a regular exercise bike or treadmill while looking at numbers.

I would absolutely love to be able to ramp up the graphics quality and have a lot more realism in the game, especially as there are now a few competitors out there who are doing this.



will it possible to pick the reverse option for group rides now?
I/e UCI Worlds Reverse
thanks dave

The disappearing rider bug when inside the volcano has been out there for a while. But it’s also been a while since I’ve ridden that so maybe it’s already been fixed…

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Outstanding! Thanks for all the hard work, and Kudos to the Dev Team!


I haven’t ridden it yet, but the screenshots look fantastic!

Really great to see this happen. I’ve got a soft spot for Richmond as I started Zwifting at about the time it was released in Sept 2015, so it was embedded in my formulative early days; but I’ve always felt it a bit drab and slab-like compared to the glory of Watopia.

Thanks to the art team and everyone for bringing it up to date!

More great news! \o/


Nice to see improvements to courses but was this really necessary? I rode the TDZ event on Richmond earlier in the week and did not feel the old course desperately needed a refresh.
I hope this is not indicative of future changes to make courses look good for the benefit of race live streaming events.

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It would awesome to be able to chose Richmond every day and not just certain days. Please allow us to ride anywhere we chose on any day.



This looks fab, nice little update. Would be great to have power output accumulated in the start pen prior to an event get included in the .fit file.


I think the only issue here is potentially Strava? I don’t know, but I guess their thing looks a little whacky if there’s 10 minutes of power and cadence, but no change in location.

Even so, it’d just be another reason to eschew Strava and eat their lunch. :smiley:

I’d also prefer to have my pre-race warm up in the same activity. I find it annoying to have a short relatively pointless activity, followed by some that’s lost, then the main event.

Again, Strava’s the problem if I warm up on Watopia then get transferred to New York for the race.

A few days ago I decided to record my entire session separately on my Garmin, so I could upload that to Xert. It meant all three parts were captured as the single activity they really were. But it’s inconvenient at best.

Hope this leads to new Roads in Richmond, just like Surrey Hills in London.
The world is just too small.


still not seeing any other riders

i have rebooted but still no riders visible, can see spectators

I record mine on my garmin and send to xert too. Would be great if zwift maybe sent individual files to strava but had a master .fit file on your activity page that you could download that contained all the data excluding GPS…although it doesn’t really solve the problem that Garmin fixes apart from maybe being able to chose which file you send to strava.

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Hi thanks for the update. I really like Zwift and it’s helping me loads.

However, I ride a recumbent – not a streamliner, but just a standard, 700C high-racer. I can’t ride a trad diamond-frame bike anymore due to collapsed discs in my neck (causes damage to my arm nerves
when in normal position on a trad bike).

When can we have a recumbent option as a bike?




Hi Tim, if you haven’t already, you should vote and add your voice to this Feature Request:

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Same, not seeing other riders on Richmond refresh. Only on Richmond course tho, Watopia is fine. Using iOS on iPad Pro.

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The new Richmond is awesome. Put 50 miles on it this AM. Keep up the good work.