Water missing in France, Innsbruck, New York

Missing in bay.

Appears in the channel however.


Probably unrelated but i had a weird graphical glitch when riding France recently, it was like flashing a frame every couple of seconds, wasn’t my set up as i joined an event in watopia straight after and it was fine. I think i took a video of it, i’ll post it when i next use my zwift PC.

Do I flag this as the solution??? :sweat_smile:

As for Chris:
Weird! Definitely not something I’ve experienced as of yet; and I’ve done 3 rides now on it in the past 24 hours; I avoid updating my GPU driver though so if that did something weird…

Actually, looking at my pictures again, the water is indeed there, but like 10-15m far too low!

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Other related issue: Water missing from the Thames [1.47]

Neokyo parts were fixed in 1.50 update but the Thames is still dry.

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Another one!
The water is missing in New York as well.
(background is supposed to be one of the ponds)

I would’ve taken a better image with the map, but the drone camera is stupid now with the action bar popup, which consumes nearly the whole the screen…

you could have done France and maybe Innsbruck at the same time @shooj :wink:

Thanks for flagging. I merged your post into this thread.

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Global warming mode activated, everything bone dry :wink: