Incorrect French Maps Exported to Garmin and Zwift

I’ve done a few rides in the France area recently. In all cases, the maps exported to Garmin and Strava are completely incorrect and relate to an inland area of New Caledonia (an island in the Coral Sea, off the east coast of Australia). The maps shown in Zwift are fine (the area around Mont St Michel).

I’ve done Zwift rides in the London, Paris, New York and Innsbruck areas - the exported maps for these all seem to be fine.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Short answer; what you’re experiencing is intended behaviour.

Slightly longer answer; the “France” world doesn’t correlate much* to any place in France, more a “homage” to certain French landscapes, icons and locations. As such the GPS coordinates that Zwift uses for France -or Watopia, or Makuri Isles- (which are then exported out to Strava/Garmin) are just for some islands off in the Pacific Ocean; rather than anywhere in France where none of the routes you’d ride would line up with any real-life French roads*

*I should mention that Zwifts “Surrey Hills” being just past the Southern banks of the Thames, is a particularly egregious example of what happens when you mix real life roads and “virtual” roads within a course


Thanks Colin.

With a bit more Zwift experience I would agree with your answer. The “locations” don’t really agree with anywhere real (the Surrey Hills - in Bermondsey - really?).

However, whether they’re real or not, the routes “feel” real, and I guess that’s what really matters - and the workouts definitely ARE real (all of us have had jelly legs at times)!

I’m thinking that Zwift would have liked to export their map interpretations of the world, but that maybe Garmin/Strava/etc had to have real GPS locations to plot around?

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