Strava maps?

Trivial question - why do Watopia maps on Strava show routes over water when the actual route was all on land?

Watopia is a virtual world, so Zwift can put the GPS coordinates anywhere.

Maybe the Strava gps location is real and you were cycling under water in a giant bubble. :wink:

The actual GPS coordinates are randomly located around some islands in the S Pacific.

If you are running Chrome on a desktop then there’s a plug-in which overlays the Zwift maps.

OK, that makes sense. Cheers chaps.

I’ll look for the chrome plugin.

Making me question my reality? You’re twisting my melon, man. :crazy_face:

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Call the cops! :exploding_head:

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The use of the Solomon Island maps could be a sovereign right reason as Zwift would not be able to map the fictitous roads over actual maps.

They could have obtained permission to use the maps of the Solomons as there are multiple undeveloped or unhabitated islands which does not infringe or impose on existing human developments.

In the early days Strava used to show the actual location of the Islands used in the Pacific… Temoto Province, Solomon Isles. The Strava overview shows the actual location.

Jarvis Island was indeed Jarvis Island back then too. The “borrowing” of the Solomons began with Watopia since.