Course on Strava

Hello, very new to Zwift. Just did my first event ride last night. It was a blast.
When my Zwift synched with Strava, the route was placed on some Pacific Ocean island, half in the ocean.
Anybody comment on this? Why do they place real geolocation to the route?

2 I am a drone pilot and do Lidar and other mapping services. Is there a market for 3D data collection for these programs?

Hi @Keith_Provost, welcome to the forums!

Most of the places in Zwift are completely fake, fantasy, etc… they have no real world location so Zwift/Strava chose some random islands out in the ocean. You will notice if you ride in London, Paris, New York, Richmond, and Insbruck that they show the actual real map on Strava because they are based off real world locations and GPS data.