London route not lining up with Strava map

Really an irritation more than a bug. When I look at my completed London route on Strava for the real world routes, e.g. classique they do not line up with the roads on the Strava map. It is as if the simulated GPS track is off by about 50-100m. Would be nice to have this sorted for realism purposes.

This was done on purpose by Zwift so it would not line up with real world segments.

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Thanks for the answer. Can at least now understand why l am irritated! :grinning: Why do the other real life routes line up then?

Can you share a screenshot of your Strava map? My rides map pretty closely to the real life London streets - there’s a few points where it’s not perfect sure, but even then it’s usually within 10-15 metres. I’d like to compare to see how much difference you’re getting to me.

As for a reason why this happens, my guess is that back at the time the London world was launched, Strava wasn’t auto-categorising Zwift rides as “Virtual Rides” and were leaving it to the users to do. This meant most people just uploaded them as “Rides” and therefore were setting records on IRL segments, instead of Zwift segments.

Since then, all Zwift rides (and other virtual riding apps) do get uploaded in the Virtual Rides category automatically, so it’s no longer an issue and the newer worlds can therefore map much more accurately.

Thanks for your reply. Here’s my screenshot.

Is this what you normally get?

This is part of my Strava track from last night’s ride on the London Pretzel. Not absolutely spot on (but then they never are) but looks pretty good to me.

Wow! That IS massively off line. Mine is nowhere near as bad as that. It’s not quite as close on as David’s example from the next post, but it’s a lot closer to his than it is to yours.

It’s hard to say whether that is a Zwift issue or a Strava one. I’d probably log a ticket with Zwift Support first and see what they say, then if that doesn’t get you anywhere, go with Strava Support after that.

Definitely a Zwift issue as it doesn’t line up on the Zwift activity summary screen when you exit. Maybe it is an issue with running?