Wrong route titles appearing in rides

Did a ride last night and encountered this. London and Richmond were available in addition to Watopia, and I selected Greater London Flat. Without starting a ride, I then flicked over to Watopia, selected Tick Tock, and rode that route. When I saved the ride, Zwift had called it “Greater London Flat in Watopia”. That would be interesting, but there’s obviously a bug here. I’ve also seen weird mix-ups in my Strava activity feed where it has happened to other people.

Latest game update, Windows 10 - any other info needed?

Why can’t you just change the name though? It’s happened to me when I change worlds randomly

Yeah, obviously, but that’s not really the point, is it? The point is their auto naming is broken and I’m reporting it…


did a workout last night and selected New York and when ending the workout early it gave this as the title Zwift - Zone 2 on Innsbruckring in New York, am not entirely convinced Innsbruckring got moved to NY


They built a new Innsbruckring on top of New York’s vast array of glass roads perhaps? :laughing:

Similar problem. Did a custom workout on Greatest London Flat. Got the title “Ven-Top in London” Clearly something is still broken