Automatic Ride Naming Validation

There’s nothing wrong with the new ride naming convention rolled out recently (Zwift - Event Name on Route Name in World Name), but can we get some software logic to eliminate redundant cases, for rides like these which have unnecessarily long default titles?
Zwift - Group Ride: Z Badge Hunt - Greater London Loop (D) on Greater London Loop in London

The software logic would do one simple validation step: check to see if the route name is part of the event name, and if that is the case, format accordingly as:
(If Route Name exists in Event Name, then format as Zwift - Event Name in World Name):
Zwift - Group Ride: Z Badge Hunt - Greater London Loop (D) in London

The character quantity used is making the Zwift feed and third-party apps like Strava bulkier than necessary.

Several different views cause truncation of the world name unnecessarily due to the verbosity. I find most events people keep at the default name.


The idea behind this was to make Strava ride titles more informative. Obviously it doesn’t help when the name of the route is also included in the title. I’ll have a chat with Chris who is the owner of this series.


Its always good to know where you are.

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So we went from

Zwift - Watopia


Zwift - Group Ride: Tour of Watopia Stage 4: Longer Ride on Handful Of Gravel in Watopia

I think we need something in between. This is how I shorten my ride names.

Zwift - Group Ride: Tour of Watopia Stage 4

Zwift - Hilly Route - Watopia

Zwift - SST Increasing Cadence Efforts // Endurance Lab - Mountain Route


This is precisely why I think it would make sense if there is some software logic in place that identifies that if the world name exists, use a shorter form.

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I actually managed to get “Zwift - Douce France in Watopia” the other day. :laughing:

I think it was because I had been in two minds about what world I was going to do and had been scrolling through all the French courses for inspiration, before finally deciding to stick with Watopia after all; but I did not choose a route there, instead leaving it on what was the previous default (Legends & Lava), so Zwift got confused and titled my ride as the last course it knew I clicked on.

It doesn’t really matter cause I re-title all my rides in Strava anyway (the title is still the same on my Zwift feed) usually naming them after how the ride went.


Why does the new version save a group custom workout under the organizers name and on what course it was done on. In the past the name of the workout was saved which is helpful when looking for past workouts. Is it is possible to give a choice on how the workout is named.

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Just bringing this back up again, and the “loading results” screen auto-capture is still a few seconds too fast.


That is why I thought this would resolve this type of issue systematically - I noticed it for these events as well.

In your instance, this format would call yours Zwift - Race: STAGE 1: GET ROLLING-Queen’s Highway in Yorkshire.