Remove redundancy in the activity titles

Can the default naming scheme be something not so repetitive and superfluous?

That activity name is just an amalgamation of the event name, route name, and world name. The organizers could actually have avoided this by naming the event something different and putting it on a different course.

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Is Zwift not the organizer of the Zwift classics? Regardless we don’t really need a title that labels Zwift, the type of Zwift activity, event name of said Zwift activity, the custom Zwift route name, and the Zwift world name. I think people understand that it’s a Zwift race or ride when I’m uploading a dozen activities between New York and the Solomon Islands per day. :crazy_face:

Agree … PIA.

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Thanks! I must have missed this in my quick search.

@James_Zwift any thoughts on a simplified naming scheme?

I voiced concern to Wes when we first shipped this. We wanted to make the event titles more descriptive than Zwift - Watopia on Strava and there wasn’t an easy way to do this without the way we currently have things.

We can probably revisit again in the future.

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You have my VOTE for this topic.

I already use ActivitiFix to tune automatically my Zwift activity on Strava.

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I like the redundancy. It’s very ‘databasey’. Makes it easier to dig up old results, like that one time on Innbruckring, in that 3R race, where you…

It’s silly when it just says ‘Watopia’ on Strava, and absolutely no indoor sceptic will ever take you seriously.

I agree the ‘in London’ part is absolutely redundant though. Course name is enough.

Yes, please get rid of this silly naming convention. I’d rather just have ‘Zwift - Watopia’ than the jumbled mess we currently have.

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Being that Watopia is a product of Zwift, isn’t that even a bit redundant. You’re not going to ride Watopia in a competitor’s platform or IRL…