Zwift activities uploaded to Strava have a weird name

Hi there,

I’m using Zwift on my AppleTV 4k with my devices connected through the Zwift companion app. As of the latest update when my activities sync to Strava they have the name Zwift Academy Workout - [workout name], whereas up until recently they just came through as Zwift - [workout name]. I tend to do only custom workouts so I’m not sure whether this also includes the existing Zwift workouts. Is this intended? Obviously not a major issue as I can always change the name in Strava but it seems like weird behaviour to me.


Same. My custom workouts are getting “Zwift Academy Workout” added to the front of my workout name. I have to manually edit the ride on Strava.

Same here and also on Apple TV 4k.

I exported a workout from Xert yesterday and now the naming was back to normal. I assume that the name change happened when Zwift moved custom workouts to the zwiftid directory and everything that was in the “main” workout directory got labeled Zwift Academy.

It’d be great to have fully customizable names for exports to Strava … using free text and defined {TAGS}, like:

“Zwift-”{WORLD}“_”{DATE} will generate “Zwift-Watopia_26-11-2018”
or "Zwift: " {ROUTE} “in” {WORLD} will generate “Zwift: Figure 8 in Watopia”

and give us the option to set different template for Workouts, like :

{WORKOUT}“-”{WORLD}“-”{ROUTE} will generate “90min FTP Intervals-London-Classique”

etc … this is idea … just give us a several {TAGS} and let us configure activity name … shouldn’t be too much complicated …

Edited later - I had to edit my post as parts of original one were missing :slight_smile: Sorry for that … Hope it works now …