Screenshots and activity name going to Strava

I use Zwift on an Apple TV 4K and my activities sync over to Strava. But, I’ve noticed that the activity name doesn’t end up being that when it makes it to Strava. Eg. “Zwift Run - Watopia” becomes just “Watopia” in Strava.

Also, I don’t want my Zwift screenshots sync’ed over to Strava… but when I try selecting the photo to remove it, nothing happens. It stays on “Added”.

Am I don’t something wrong, or are these two things bugs?

I don’t know about changing the name because I haven’t tried it.

But for the photos, the first time you click on one that it’s already going to add, it stars it (assuming it’s not starred already), and then a further click deselects it so that it won’t be added.

The default seems to be “Zwift Run - <<route_name>>”, and I just go with that. It at least looks like “Zwift Run” is part of the activity name that should become the Strava activity name. I’ve not tried a custom name.

Thanks for the tip on the star for the screenshots, I might have overlooked that - I was expecting the word “Added” to go.

I tried this again this morning. The help on screen says to select the photo and it will toggle between ‘added’ and ‘ignored’, but nothing happens.

When dealing with the ‘photos’ in ATV, here is how it works on mine: When I move the cursor to the photo row, I can then also move side-to-side to select/highlight the different photos. There could be up to 5 of them, but it seems Zwift will only allow me to upload 3. Under each photo is a green ‘Selected’ (or something like that) or a red ‘Ignored’. (If 3 or fewer all will be selected for upload.) If I DON’T want the photo to upload I click the remote touchpad once. ‘Selected’ then changes to ‘Ignored’ and the photo won’t upload. (I think you may still end up with some sort of ‘generic’ Zwift photo in your Strava feed, though.)

To add to this, once you have a photo highlighted, if you swipe up again it should highlight the green ‘graph’ in the upper right of the photo. Pressing the touchpad while this is highlighted will then toggle back and forth between the ‘standard’ and ‘clean’ versions of the photo. And while you have the photo highlighted (just the photo, not the graph), if you double-click on the touchpad it will highlight the ‘star’ in the upper left of the photo and this will become the ‘cover’ photo for your activity in the Zwift feed. This selection doesn’t seem to translate to Strava.

I hope that helps a bit. If you’re still having issues please let us know.

Thanks Nigel, that sounds exactly like what I have been trying. Usually my activities only have one screenshot and I believe I have it selected when I press the touchpad. It’s as if I haven’t clicked it at all, nothing is toggling/changing against the screenshot I’m hovering over.

I’ll give this another shot next time I’m there though.

Keep in mind that, as noted in a number of other posts on this Forum, the ATV remote is pretty finicky when used with Zwift. So, when you have the photo highlighted and are trying to toggle between ‘upload’ and ‘ignore’ it’s possible that Zwift is thinking you’ve pressed the remote twice and has toggled through ignore and gone back to upload. I’ve also never actually tried to NOT upload any photos (though there are times when I don’t have any activity photos because my ride hasn’t been long enough for the ‘auto photo’ at around 34 minutes), so I suppose it could be possible that you ‘have to’ upload at least one photo if there is one (or more) there. You might test that, also.

I’ve just heard back from Zwift Support on this, and I thought I should post it here in-case anyone else is interested in this little quirk.

“Unfortunately, if you’re using Zwift on a mobile device, tablet, or Apple TV®, Image Uploading will default to Always. You can change it on Mac or PC to Never, but it won’t resolve your issue with AppleTV. At the moment the only resolution is to delete photos directly from Strava. I understand it my be annoying and really appreciate your understanding and patience, while we are working on fixing this issue.”

So, it seems this is a thing on certain devices. Glad to know it’s not me at least, and it may have a fix in the future.