Activity Name Incorrectly Reported on Training Plan

I started “Build me Up” yesterday and chose the Red Unicorn as the first Workout (or second after doing the Zone Benchmarkling). I just wanted to get rid of the 1:30 Workout first because it fit my Calendar best. However the activity reported in Zwift as well as on Strava was “Devedeset” which would have been the official first Workout.

I can report what happens after I do “Devedeset” next. But it looks like the names are incorrectly set based on the order of the Workouts in the plan and not the order in which they are completed.

Hi Moritz @isnogud77

Looks like this is the first time you’ve posted a new thread on the Zwift Forums, so welcome!

I’m Steven, a tech support agent with Zwift’s member support team. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some trouble with the name of your Training Plan workout.

I had a quick look at your account, but everything I’m seeing with my internal tools shows that your workout yesterday was Red Unicorn, and I’m not seeing anything about Devedeset.

If Zwift exhibits this behavior again, one of our tech support agents is happy to take a closer look at your account, log files, and investigate further. I’d also suggest grabbing some screenshots and/or video exhibiting the problem, and then send us a support request here.

Hi @Steven_D ,

Not a big problem. I changed it manually to Red unicorn so maybe that is why you saw that. And of course now the title matches the workout. Next time I will report this throught the support request channel.

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