Wrong workout automatically selected; saved under wrong name

TL; DR two bugs:

  1. Autoselect workouts from the plan in correct order (not the latest available).
  2. The app saved the ride under “autoselected” workout title, not under the title of the workout I actually did.

Long description:

On an example from yesterday. Going through “Build me up” training plan. The workouts for this week are (in the plan’s order):

  1. What goes up, must come down (available Monday)
  2. Halvfems (available Monday)
  3. Orange Unicorn (available Thursday)
  4. Mishmash (available Friday)

When I opened Zwift to do the first workout for this week on Monday evening, it automatically selected “Halvfems” instead of “What goes up.” I’d expect the app would auto-select the first unfinished workout, not the last one. I.e. so that I can complete them in the plan’s order. But at least I can manually override. So I did and manually selected and completed the “What goes up” workout.

However, when Zwift uploaded the ride to Strava&Garmin, it saved it with the incorrect title, “Halvfems” instead of “What goes up, must come down”. OK, I manually edited titles in both places.

Hi Aleksandar,

Thanks for reporting these issues. I’ve observed that Zwift will flag the activity name with the very first workout selected during a Zwift session.

For example, if one selected the “Halvfems” workout first, then quickly changed the workout to “What goes up, must come down”, then completed that workout, Zwift will remember that initial selection (Halvfems in this example) when it’s time to “END RIDE” and save the ride activity.

Even if you didn’t actually complete the Halvfems workout during that Zwift session, since it was selected first and then changed to a different workout, Zwift remembers that first pick. I don’t know that this is ideal, but it’s how things seem to work at this current point in time.

Also, it seems that when multiple workouts queue up as available during a training plan and exist within the available window to complete them, upon logging in to the app, Zwift will auto-prompt you with the option to perform the workout that most recently became available. Whether this is ideal is up for debate, but again, it’s how the training plans are currently designed. I suppose one could say that it provides Zwifters with the incentive to complete each workout as they become available as opposed to letting multiple workouts pile up.

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