My ride does not match what I selected

Twice when uploading to strava the ride which appeared did not match that which i was executing

On sunday , I had an event which gave me an indication of the problem, yesterday I deliberately set out to prove it,

Select a workout and exit to the main menu

Click on Clear Workout,

Select a different workout

Perform the workout.

The first workout is the one which is updated both in Strava and in the dashboard tally of your workout.

The only way I can think around this is to quit zwift and reload to get the correct ride information recorded if you change your mind


Hi Brynley,

Let me see if I understand exactly what you are attempting:

  1. Log in to Zwift and choose a workout

  2. Get to the screen where you can ride but, instead, hit ‘E’ and choose a NEW workout

  3. Proceed to do the new workout, end ride, save + upload to Strava

Strava and our dashboard shows the NAME of the old workout? Or the name AND data of the old workout?

I checked my Zwift dashboard, it contains the ride I rode.  It appears only the strava tag is affected


Hi Brynley,

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve reported this to our team and they will work on making sure the LATEST workout you choose will be the name it automatically provides.

However, be aware that you can always change the name before you save it (as well as afterwards).

Ride On!