Inconsistent Naming

Yesterday and today I did the same ride, however the populated name yesterday was -

“Zwift - Jungle Circuit in Watopia”

however today it was just -

“Zwift - Watopia”.

I am sure I read in the last game update about improving the naming convention, from this experience it appears to be a bit inconsistent.

For info it was the same route/same turns (try out of the handful of gravel route) only diffrrence was the bike choice, MTB vs Gravel.

That’s odd. I can’t think of a reason why the latter would happen. Did you complete a lap? Make any turns?

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Same route, same turns, almost same finish point, distance was 13.2km(Yesterday) vs 13.1km (Today).

The reason the distance was a tad shorter was I went slower on the Gravel bike and had to finish to get ready for work.

Pretty sure it was near identical.

I liked the improved naming convention yesterday and hence why it stood out today.

Probably Zwift got that Friday feeling and was thinking about the weekend and simply forgot to update the name😎


Odd! I’ll keep an eye out, thanks Andy!

Just had a quick look at my Strava and there’s definitely the longer naming convention still going on.

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Did you finish the event and save as normal?

The only time I’ve experienced it change is when minimizing the app particularly on iOS devices then opening again it seems to kick you out the event and just call it Watopia

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No didn’t minimise the app, was on my Macbook. Totally nothing out of the ordinary, no problem saving.

If I had not done exactly the same route as yesterday, probably would not have though twice about the Zwift - Watopia name.

Adding 2+2 to make 5 and starting to think it is simply down to that 0.1km difference in someway.

Can see I will be riding it again just to see what name is given.


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You did manual turns, right? Because you didn‘t rode the jungle circuit.
Maybe that’s the reason why. If so, than the last naming is (more) correct, because you didn’t follow the selected route.

if it was an event you can’t manual turn.

Event? Andy did not say anything about an event. He is free riding.

oops misread then that makes more sense then if he did any manual turns

You are correct I did manual turns as a normal ride, sorry I did not clarify that it was not part of an event, just me riding along.

I started with the Jungle circuit route and then did manual turns to follow the yet to be created Handful of gravel route.

I get what you are saying about manual turns, however I did same route with the same manual turns yesterday and today. The difference being it was named differently.

Let’s see what happens the next time I do the same route/manual turns.


Tested today - no route name in the activity name when the route is not finished.

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That makes sense, I never completed the Jungle route so no need to have the name suggest that.

I totally get that and that logic works well for todays ride, but that logic does not work for yesterdays ride (doing exactly the same route/turns) and it was named “Zwift - Jungle Circuit in Watopia”.

The only difference between the two rides was 0.1km and maybe this was the trigger point for the ride to be named Zwift - Jungle Circuit in Watopia and not just Zwift - Watopia.

As it is Friday night for me now I am off to the pub for a pint and may ponder the random nature of this mismatch, cheers.

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Today I ran two laps of the beach island route, and much to my surprise Zwift named it R.G.V. Watopia. Appears something is really messed up in the naming algorithm.

For a while this year the individual route names for Watopia were listed on the previously-ridden activities titles on my Zwift companion app. Now it’s back to just stating Watopia for all routes. It is so helpful to have the specific Watopia route name on each of the stored previous rides. I use it to compare rides. Can that please be brought back?
BTW, this occurs even when I select a route, stay with it, and finish the route.

I’ve noticed the same thing. One ride is labeled Ride to Sky, another of the same exact route done the exact same way is labeled Watopia. Just another of many glitches I’ve experienced in my few short months using the app.