Incorrect route names in activity titles [November 2022, September 2023]

Earlier today when working out in New York I noticed Zwift is putting random Watopia route names in activity descriptions.

e.g. On Tempus Fugit in New York

I’ve also seen some other riders completing Hilly Route Workout in New York ???

Not sure if that is a temporary server side glitch or a bug of new client. It may have something to do with world schedule since NY is not active today.

Also happening with pace partner rides. Along with the unable to find pace partner error previously reported.

I believe all these issues are related and you may want to link/merge them Zwift if confirmed, and add to known issues:

Hi dear Zwift team,

after finishing a normal workout and ending/save the ride, automatically an activity-name is proposed.
Thats a nice feature, but it’s faulty in meanwhile.

Bug condition (tested multiple times):

  • normal workout mode, not a group-ride
  • any workout
  • Watopia
  • course “Road to Sky” + alpe descent = 31.3Km
  • Windows 10
  • Kickr V5
  • no companion app

In past, the naming convention was like this:
“workout-name in Watopia”

“workout-name on course-name in Watopia”

So far, so nice… but unfortulately, the course-name is absolutely random:

For example, I rode “Road to Sky” mutliple times - each time at different session/date.
The proposed naming for each ride was like this:
“workout-name on Road to Ruins in Watopia” or
“workout-name on Sprinters Playground in Watopia” or
“workout-name on Big Foot Hills in Watopia” …
(These course-names are completely wrong… I didn’t even touched these courses.)

The workout-type itself is irrelevant: I chose ether custom-ones or the official new ones from Ineos Grenadiers.

The issue is neither critical nor urgent - just ugly and confusing.

I checked, if the bug was reported before, but couldn’t find it. (Sorry in advance, if I missed it)

Thanks for fixing,

I believe all these issues may be related/the same and you may want to link/merge them Zwift if confirmed, and add to known issues:

In the larger scheme of things, this is definitely a minor issue, but noticed it tonight. I loaded a custom workout and selected to ride Douce France. I rode the route for the whole workout and never deviated.

When the activity loaded to save, the auto activity name indicated La Reine.

Now, if I could get the badge for La Reine by riding Douce France, sure, I’d take it :slight_smile: , but this is clearly wrong.

Easy to fix, but still an issue

I’ve had this same issue myself. I believe it is a known/previously reported issue that is not fixed yet.

I’ve posted on all these reports now so that someone from Zwift can maybe link/merge them and add to “known issues” list and get this escalated to development, if not already done so:

Yep, weirdness with route names! I just completed the Three Sisters in New York route!

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When I do a custom workout I get an opportunity to select a route. When I select Watopia and the Tempus Fugit route, that’s the route that appears. All good so far.
However, on the Activity page after saving my ride, it states that I have ridden R.G.V (which is in France) route in the ride title. The map is correct with Tempus Fugit route.

Am I missing something? Why does R.G.V show up in the Activity title?

I do go in and edit the title name as I like to know which routes I am riding over time, it’s just annoying to have to do that.

Hello all,

Thank you for reporting this issue. It has been fixed in Zwift version 1.39.0- all activities should now automatically fill with the correct route and world.

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Looks like this issue might be back @Rowdy . Noticed it on Monday and was able to reproduce it just now.

Steps to reproduce (no issue):
Launch Zwift
Click a workout from the main screen
Choose a world
Start ride
End Ride - Name appears as expected

Steps to reproduce (with the issue):
Launch Zwift
Click to Free Ride on a course provided - I clicked Tempus Fugit.
Before starting ride, I decided I’d rather preload a workout, so I disposed of the “Start Ride” screen
Click on a workout to load it from the Main Screen
Choose a world
Start the ride
End Ride - Name inherits the route that was selected in the Free Ride step from earlier

Thank you for flagging this @Richard_Barnhill ! I’ve notified the developers and we’re tracking this for a fix.

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I can confirm that the bug is still with us. I just rode on Electric Loop in Makuri Islands, and it uploaded to Strava as being on London Pretzel in Makuri Islands.