Faulty workout activity name proposal [Nov 2022] [1.31]

Hi dear Zwift team,

after finishing a normal workout and ending/save the ride, automatically an activity-name is proposed.
Thats a nice feature, but it’s faulty in meanwhile.

Bug condition (tested multiple times):

  • normal workout mode, not a group-ride
  • any workout
  • Watopia
  • course “Road to Sky” + alpe descent = 31.3Km
  • Windows 10
  • Kickr V5
  • no companion app

In past, the naming convention was like this:
“workout-name in Watopia”

“workout-name on course-name in Watopia”

So far, so nice… but unfortulately, the course-name is absolutely random:

For example, I rode “Road to Sky” mutliple times - each time at different session/date.
The proposed naming for each ride was like this:
“workout-name on Road to Ruins in Watopia” or
“workout-name on Sprinters Playground in Watopia” or
“workout-name on Big Foot Hills in Watopia” …
(These course-names are completely wrong… I didn’t even touched these courses.)

The workout-type itself is irrelevant: I chose ether custom-ones or the official new ones from Ineos Grenadiers.

The issue is neither critical nor urgent - just ugly and confusing.

I checked, if the bug was reported before, but couldn’t find it. (Sorry in advance, if I missed it)

Thanks for fixing,

I believe all these issues may be related/the same and you may want to link/merge them Zwift if confirmed, and add to known issues: