Solo rides naming convention during the save

each time when I’m finishing a usual ride (solo ride) the name of the ride is always “Zwift + [Zwift World Name]”. Example: Zwift - Watopia
The name will be always the same regarding the route. So, I’m always adding the route name, this way it is much easier to distinguish between the rides when looking on them in Strava or Zwift activities history.

It would be grate to make the naming convention for solo rides as following:
Zwift - [Route Name] - [World name]

Thank you!

That’s a very good suggestion. I gave it a vote. I wonder how Zwift should apply the name if a rider tackles multiple routes within the same Zwift Session, which is not uncommon.

Unless this is a new feature I’m unaware of, there isn’t a way to change routes without saving and exiting to the log-in window. After finishing a route you would be taken on a second lap of the same route unless you were to make custom turns to stray from that defined route. And then there would be no predefined name.

Maybe that’s what you were getting at. Perhaps the default name would then be “Custom Route”.

Well…it could be complicated. Since someone could start one route, but then turn into another and again turn into something else.
Example, I really like one non-official route that I’m calling “The Russian way” )), the route starts as a Mountain Route in Watopia, I’m climbing the Epic KOM then turning to the tower after the tower during the decent I’m turning manually into the Alpe du Zwift and finishing on the top. The overall route about 40km with approximately 1700m elevation gain. I’m naming it Montain route - Alpe du Zwift. But again, this is something personal, I could call it even “The Russian way”
I think that it would be enough (at least for the beginning) to name it with the first started route. Or, might be Zwift - [first route name] - [last finish route name]
But again, even the started route is good enough since user could always add manually the text.
Well…there is also so-called “ideal realization” when inside the system settings user could choose by himself from different options the naming convention. Examples: Option 1: Zwift - [First route] - Watopia | Option 2: Zwift [First route] - [Second route] - Watopia | Option 3: [First route] - [Last route] - [elevation gain] | etc…
But not sure how flexible is the Zwift engine is to realize it or/and is this a real priority vs other things.