New Activities Naming Convention on Companion App?

I noticed today that in the activities tab on CA, activities’ names now start with activity type. So for example “Group Ride:” is added before the name of the group ride, “Race:” before the race name, and “Pace Partner Ride:” before the route name. Is this new? (Or did I never notice it before?) The reason it’s an issue is that the character limit for displaying activity titles is very short and these type descriptions take up most of characters allowed.

When you open up you activity to look at it in the top tight hand corner you should see a pencil pointing into a square. Click on this and it lets you change your activity title to whatever you want.

Thanks, I know that but that only works for your own activities but not those of people you follow
Basically you can’t tell what event they did.

Yeah it’s new. Aimed to be more descriptive on Strava rather than just “Zwift - Watopia”

Problem now is that not much of this fits in to the description though …

Strava = Race: Category Enforcement Race // Zwift Test Event (B) on Champs-Élysées in Paris

In CA = Race: Categor…

Maybe Zwift should ask all organisers for a CA friendly short description as well? Or even better, enable Landscape mode!