saved ride names no longer pre-filling with event name

I’ve been on Zwift for almost two months. It’s been great.
For the first month, after I finished an organized ride, my saved ride description automatically contained the event name when I saved the ride. Format would be “Zwift - “ + <event name>. Example: “Zwift - Amgen Tour of California Ride Series”

As of about 3 weeks ago, now when I save a ride, the name always pre-fills with the default format [“Zwift - “ + <world> + “ “ + <date>], whether the ride was an organized event or just a free ride. Instead of getting “Zwift - Amgen Tour of California Ride Series” as before, now it gets the default “Zwift - Watopia 03/08/2017.”

It’s easy enough to edit the name and add the specific event info, but it was nice when the event was added automatically.
Anyone else seeing this?

using an iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.


This is an issue we’re working to fix. Thanks for your patience!

Yes I am having the same issue 

thanks for looking into it