my zwift running activity is seen as in the water in strava

I just upload my running zwift activity from the .fitfile and the map on strava is showing that I run on the water.

What can I do to have a correct map?

Its Watopia, a place made up by Zwift so it really doesn’t exist in the first place. 

In addition to Paul’s comment…

Zwift haven’t updated that particular part of the map Julien. The Volcano route is relatively recent, where it looks like you’re running on water, is now part of the Volcano route.


Just to clarify what the 2 Pauls have said. Zwift is a virtual world, but they have artificially mapped the GPS coordinates on to an island in the Pacific Ocean. This is why you are able to see it in Strava in the first place.

But when the new volcano emerged from the ocean in the virtual world, the same didn’t happen in the real world. So whilst you can run/ride on the new virtual land, it doesn’t exist in reality for those GPS coordinates and it looks like you are in the water.

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Thanks a lot for those very clear explanations :slight_smile:

( Who knows, perhaps this Volcano will emerge in the reality and then GoogleMap will show it :smiley: )