Avatar and Strava Map Visuals

Why don’t the avatars have a bald head option and why can’t we see the desert part of watopia on strava?

The avatars do have a bald (well, I suppose it’s just really closely shaved) option. And Watopia is not a real place, but Strava maps are based on the real world.

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Exactly. Close shaved (not bald)

Watopia is not real yet it displays the green land but not the desert

How many times have people on Strava said “didn’t know you could run/ride through water”

It would be nice to see the volcano on Strava Map that’s all I’m saying

Oh with a bald head

Well, there is an actual island where the Watopia world is theoretically situated, which is what you see in Strava. I think the original Watopia rides (what is now the Hilly Route) fell completely within the boundaries of the island you see on the Strava (IRL) map, but as Watopia has expanded the roads have gone beyond those borders, so it looks like you’re riding in the water when looking at Strava. Unfortunately I don’t think Zwift can alter the size of that island.

Perhaps they can help with the shaved head look, though. :wink:

When Zwift first came out and wanted to integrate with Strava for syncing ride info indoor/virtual cycling wasn’t really a thing. Strava required real world coordinates for rides to be synced so Zwift chose an island in the Pacific that is uninhabited to be “Watopia”. And as Nigel said, as Watopia expanded the roads went further than the boundaries of the island (IRL)

Cheers guys, I kind of knew that but the point I was making was why don’t strava upload the “not real” Island as its shown on Zwift. Maybe what I should have said is, wouldnt it be nice if they could.

Ride on Zwifters :+1:t6:

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