Bug - Run uploading to Strava as Virtual Ride

I’ve been recently getting runs that upload to Strava as rides, and even if you change them back, that change doesn’t stick. Started when the new Makuri Islands world launched and I thought it was a bug just on there, but happened on a regular Watopia run today. Anyone else experienced this?

No. Never happened to me and i flick between both. Is Zwift recording them correctly?

Think so - no problem in activities in Zwift app. Might dig into the .tcx file…

All i can think of is to unlink your strava account from Zwift and then link it again.

Failing that try deleting one of the broken activities and then manually uploading the .FIT file to see if it’s the data within the file.

Thanks - turns out even though Zwift was connected to Runn sensor it was also in background still connected to Wahoo Kickr Bike, so when I was recording a run, Zwift also thought it was a ride! Bike powered off = problem sorted :+1: