Runs getting saved (as rides) Incorrectly

(Chris) #1

This started last week. Zwift started uploading my running workouts to Strava. But as bike rides— not runs. It looks like I’m doing multi sports, when indeed, I’m not. I’m just running.

What’s up?

Is there any way I can put these miles in the correct “bucket” from Zwift, or, after the fact, from Strava?

(Peggy) #2

Yes! This has happened for my last three runs, 6/7 6/8 and 6/10, but the 6/5 run showed correctly on Strava. I noticed that my Zwift profile does show the activities as Runs, so I’ve been deleting the incorrectly uploaded activity on Strava, downloading the Run activity file from my profile on the Zwift website, and then uploading the file to Strava. So there’s a workaround, but it would be nice if this was fixed. :slight_smile:

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(Chris) #3

…And I am unable to change the type of activity from within Strava. I can change the activity-title but no other field-changes are saved. This occurs both in the app and on the website

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(Chris) #4

@PeggyH–Used your method. And it worked great! I also logged a support ticket within Strava.

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(Jon) #5

Hi all,

This should be fixed now and any virtual runs incorrectly tagged as rides corrected.

(Peggy) #6

Yes, today’s run downloaded correctly as a Virtual Run to Strava. Thank you very much!!! :smile: