Graphic bug

This morning when i started climbing on epic kom, at the first right corner there was grass almost to the middle of the road… The picture i took was a little late… but i think zwift would have to do some serious mowing. :wink:

There is a few of those things.


But I think there was big storm in Zwift London, there are a few branches on the road and some of the railing has been blown over.

Zwift should send a cleanup crew to Surrey Hills.

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was the storm in London intentional? I did wonder - seemed to be a lot of weird graphics things going on

I don’t think so.
But it is fun thinking that there was a storm. We had a few storms in the East of the USA, so trees and downed fences is everywhere.

the weather has been a bit stormy over here too so maybe!! haha

still there today too - some pruning to those hedges wouldn’t go amiss!

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Couple months ago when it was rainy season in my country I complained that there’s rain both outside and in-game every time, all the time. Since that day I haven’t seen rain in Zwift. Now that rainy season is over it actually rained in-game today. Unbelievable. :crazy_face:

That’s London for you - it always rains in the UK!!

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Seen a lot of small graphic bugs yesterday in NYC.
But I think it’s because of how many riders were there.
NYC is too small, the place was crowded.

what type of bugs?

If it was people riding in the air or taking shortcuts then it is mostly due to them not being on the latest version of Zwift.

A few missing textures and…
you know, when you take a turn and there are three orange arrows blinking on your butt?
yesterday I had several times only a blinking white square on my right butt cheek.

But cause of this many people, my fps was really bad.
I think I need to buy a proper GPU, my AMD HD7850 is simply too old.