Buildings across the road in Yorkshire [1.58]

Hey @shooj , doing 12pm tdz stage 1 after update on route c and riding through a Disproportionate no of walls. You need more than an arborist . Thx Sara

Some more locations also a bit of weirdo on back sprint . Had a moving roof as well. Felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie :joy: good luck corralling the gnomes to fix this.


Hi @S_ara_Lance_L.o.T thanks for flagging this up! Clearly something’s not right. During your TdZ ride - did you see anyone else commenting about the same glitches? Want to see if this was a mass epidemic, or something only you saw.

Usually - visual glitches this severe are anomalies that can occur if your Zwifting computer / mobile device / Apple TV hasn’t been rebooted in a while. It might also happen if your graphics card drivers are out of date. Would you make sure the macOS version is up to date on your iMac, then reboot it?

If this continues to happen - we’ll need to do a deeper dive into your specific computer, and that’s best handled offline by one of my colleagues who’s trained in that. Please contact us here, and we’ll help you out with that.

:laughing: I love this reply, legitimately.


Hi @shooj others noticed it as well. That comment you saw in my first pic was when I raised it and the person noticed it all as well. I keep that iMac up to date and it reboots regularly. Its actually a first to see such a massive map distortion for me. The only thing of note was prior to joining the ride I had done the latest update. If you look closely at the mini map in the corner you can see exactly where the distortions happen there are roads that cross at a t-junction and every case there was some building blocking . Hope that helps. I can try go back tomorrow and see if its still HP World …Thx Sara.

Which model Mac is it and which version of macOS?

Hi Paul,

Mac M1 - Imac / Sonoma 14.2.1

Thx, Sara

Yorkshire Flying buildings after update.

It does get windy up there to be fair….:joy:


Why don’t I ever get the Harry-Potter-level updates?


@S_ara_Lance_L.o.T and @Zee_Kryder

Looks like you both won the Harry Potter lottery. I split this into a dedicated thread to keep the discussion focused on this issue. The commonality I found is that you were both on the Yorkshire 2019 Worlds Harrogate circuit.

If others have survived riding through buildings across the road, witnessed them in the sky, any reports of Hippogriffs or winged horses etc - please drop a screenshot here and let us know which world and route you were using at the time so we can seek them out at ZHQ. TIA.


Avada Colnago!

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for me, windows pc.
I will have to check other worlds.
I like it. It feels like Twister

I have found Android phone version is OK. Windows 11 Home is malfunctioning. I know the UK has a housing crisis, but this beyond acceptable!

I had it in Tdz group ride on Harrogate worlds course too. A few others commented on this, but not as many as you’d expect if it was the majority. I’m on windows device!

These are from my ride yesterday in Yorkshire:

Is this just a ploy to get people to ride in Yorkshire?

Because it’s working. And I don’t much like Yorkshire. But I want to see the magic buildings.


Forget Repack Rush. House crashing in Yorkshire is a hit.

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I got the Harry Potter houses! Sweet. Both the flying ones, and the ones in the middle of the road.

“My coach is great–I’d ride through a wall for her!” :smiley:

I also got several frozen flying squirrels at the bottom of Epic KOM. Kinda hard to see from this low res screen cap, they were frozen in mid-flight above the fence row on the left.


Oh, Win 10 system here if that helps.

I second that. I was doing a workout in Yorkshire last week. Not sure what route I was on, but I did ride through some building.