Slight graphics glitch

On todays ride i was going counter clockwise for the first time which was interesting.

I noticed that the large arch tree (that comes just after the log cabin that plays some banjo music) root was floating on the right hand side, as where the three or four wooden posts.

Also i had alot of vanishing riders and riders going off circuit or round in circles, but i think that is likely to have something to do with a weak wi-fi signal i had today.

Saw riders doing circles both on the road and in the fields this morning. Weiss was one of the names I believe although there were others.

I saw the same thing yesterday. In addition, the shadows on the big tree, the log cabin and several other structures seem to move relative to my position, and not remain stationary as they should.

The big tree roots have always been floating for me as have the wooden logs - even when going CW a few weeks ago.

I too witnessed riders who I couldn’t ID doing circles really fast on today’s ride at around 29 miles in? I can send logs to admin if required?

Support says that a crazy rider is on a low performing computer. Not an issue with your network.

I just recently switched to clockwise and yeah, the entire left side of the tree is floating off the ground. Maybe those climbing feather power-ups are harvested from this tree.