Circles in NYC woods

Joined KISS AT Ride and after 2.8 miles veered into woods and did circles. Just stuck there. Quit restarted and joined. And it did it again after 1.3 miles. Then I just bailed.
Using PC Zwift, KICKR Core, and Companion.
Others were having this problem too.

I would suggest opening a ticket and send Zwift your log file, that will help them find the problem.

Yes, same thing happened to me. And I think to other people, too while I was on a group ride. (Using zwift on PC, Windows7 64bit, Elite Rampa trainer, and Companion on Android7) Happened to so many people in fact that I think the zwift-developers must have heard about this already. Hoping for a quick fix.

Correct, our QA team is aware of this and are investigating reproduction steps. Will update as soon as possible!


Yes, I was on this morning doing the outer loop and saw comments about this. I didn’t quite know what they were talking about.

Pretty good simulation though of the CP loop. When my daughter took a look she immediately recognized the west side of the park up in the 90s, and it was all eerily familiar to me as I rode around. In real life I avoid CP because it just gets too crowded for riding.

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just happened the same with me right now ridding the Asia 120. any idea when this bug will be fixed?

I had this happen twice today (in a group workout after late join both times). Let me know if you want the log files.

Same here three times in a row!
Group ride ends in the woods with endless circles, only workaround is to restart the app.

Win10-64Bit, Tacx Flux…

add one extra today but it was fun doing cyclo cross before the circle started . other way and could be grass track i guess

same here happened twice today after late joining the ZZRC group ride in NYC. Went over to workout on BigRingVR after the 2nd time Zwift failed.

Same here, after to times a joined another ride, but they rode too fast for me.NYC%20the%20park