AI bots going round in circles.....

…all around Watopia.

You can see a whole bunch of them on the first left from the start line in Watopia just spinning around in circles. This morning’s update must have fried their AI.

Thanks Geoffrey - we’ll look into it!

You mean these?


I noticed them all over the place, even in mid air over the edge of the water and bridges

It happened to me this morning,  I was just going round in circles in the sky.  There was no graphics just blue sky. I logged on to ride this below.  Tried to join the ride twice but went round in circles. I restarted zwift for the third time and did my own ride.  It was ok then!

Tri Fitness HK Ride



This thread is about the AI Bots (Blue Guys) going in circles, not a persons avatar.

You may want to submit a ticket with your log files to Zwift:


Considering we haven’t turned the AI guys back on in a long time, I’m just going to close this thread.

That may change at some point but we can start a new one then.