AI's glitchy behavior today

(L Read) #1

Most of the AI’s were doing little donuts all over the island today for me. They were riding in litle circles on and off the road. Happened through out the entire course.

(DB Smith (65+)) #2

I rode the flat course for nearly an hour. AI’s acting out the entire time. 

(David Morris ( #3

Yes, crazy AI bots all over the place.  Even saw them circling in mid air on the descent towards the 3 riders monuments.

(Wiggley Braggins) #4

I had the same problem. Very dangerous riding, they nearly had me off a few times. I came to Zwift to get away from riders like that. Ban them!

(Doug Blades-Team TNM) #5

It was terrible, very distracting. 

Not happy!!

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #6

I think the blue guys made a little sense when the island wasn’t that crowded. I would love to be able to toggle them off. Today, they were a distraction

(Andy Milton ZHR) #7

I saw one comment “The AIs are on crack today” that had me laughing mid effort. :slight_smile: