Team Zwift:


Another great release and a few observations about it:

  1. The blue rider AI is greatly improved, it’s fun having them drafting and sprinting and out-of-the-saddle climbing.
  2. Drafting is now not so caterpillar-ish.  Well done.
  3. Turns, especially short and sharp turns (as on Watopia), are distracting with the sudden change of direction.  On my machine and GPU the turns are quite abrupt with the turn sort of happening in one very fast movement rather than smoothly.  Also, with everything else being so immersive, it’d be great to have the horizon turn/yaw based on speed and some sort of lean algorithm (faster speed = bigger lean). 
  4. I love the jittery wooden bridge.  Perfect.  It reminds me very much of a wooden bridge I often ride … but without the thrill of imminent loss of control.
  5. I thought I saw two Suns during sunrise, but was unable to grab a screenshot.  It’s like there was a half-round disk that was yellow as if it were a background to the actual Sun, but was misplaced to the right of the actual ray-throwing Sun.  Could have been atmospheric trickery though just as well.
  6. The taillight is a neat little touch, but my headlight wasn’t working (it did in previous release).
  7. The blimp was stuck in a sort of repeating loop.  It would start to move from screen left to the right, then after a little bit of success, it would jump back to the left.  I also saw it sitting on the water I think, which was actually kind of cool because of the reflection.

Keep up the great work!  It just keeps getting better and better.