beta feedback 2015-01-02

(W ish I was Outside) #1
  • Zwift stopped working (crashed) midway through the automatic update, when I restarted the program it resumed the update from midway through and worked fine
  • right hand panel showing the other riders on the course blanked out for a minute or so except for my own entry, then everyone suddenly reappeared
  • riders appear to ‘jump’ into the air when they go over bumps where the road pitches down i.e. when cresting hills. This is readily noted particularly with approaching riders when they crest a hill in front of you, you can see the riders leave the ground and the road pitches downward, but seems to happen in both directions (seems like maybe a problem with the physics, riders in real gravity and real masses shouldn’t be leaving the ground so easily at cycling speed).
  • after saving the ride Zwift just exits back to the windows desktop - not a bug (it says ‘save and exit’) but I would hope that eventually this would be changed to stay inside the application in order to access other functionality such as reviewing completed rides, adjusting rider parameters, selecting another course for another ride, etc. etc.
  • I’m not sure how much functionality is available in Strava APIs but it would be great if people that I follow on Strava and who follow me on Strava appeared first in the list of riders that you can ‘join’ at the start of the ride, and it would be useful if they were highlighted differently on the course as well. Would also be nice to have the ability to choose to receive a pop up notice when someone you know on cycling social media joins the course.

(W ish I was Outside) #2
  • drafting and passing is still really awkward, my front wheel always runs into the bike in front of me before the rider shifts to the left or right to pass, I’m always fighting the urge to brake and yank the handlebars to prevent the imminent collision and it is extremely distracting when trying to put in an effort. In the real world not crashing is always more important than passing, it’s very hard to suppress that basic instinct. This may be somewhat exaggerated because of the wide ‘real life’ sized view I have in front of me (I use a short throw ceiling projector not a monitor or TV and I’m right up close so I’m immersed in the scene)

(W ish I was Outside) #3
  • I’ve encountered some interesting AIs and AI bike behavior, one AI I was doing 300W downhill just to keep up with, with me behind him and him occasionally coasting. That’s just not right, going downhill if I’m coasting and he’s coasting all things equal I should be passing him due to the draft, and if I’m doing 300W and he’s coasting I should bow past him. On the computrainer if I let up the power on the descent the trainer increases the resistance, I think that needs to be tweaked to lower the resistance on descents when the rider lets their cadence slow and raise the resistance back up as they increase the cadence to allow them to make power on the descent if they want to. Its a weird feeling to let off on a descent and feel the power requirement go up as if on a climb. The power and behavior of the AIs is getting ‘interesting’ and a little unpredictable. Not sure this is necessarily bad but this same guy screaming downhill didn’t want to do much more than 350W uphill and if I ever attempted to sit behind him on the flat he would go down to 50-100W. Now that could happen in real life when someone absolutely for certain doesn’t want you to draft them :slight_smile: but it seems all but impossible to find an AI rider that you can cooperate with in any way. I did kinda like the struggle to keep up with ‘mr. descender’ AI after going over the top but then I couldn’t ride with him, we was just too slow on the flats and uphills.