beta feedback from v1.0.3500

(simon orange) #1

I haven’t seen an AI rider since the update - not sure if this is intentional.

drafting ‘seems’ better and you can sit behind somebody much easier - adjustment of wattage/speed seems better

overtaking less glitch

I have seen riders parked somewhere in the undergrowth - usually halfway up the hill.

occasional glitchy rider - jumping in front - then 5m behind etc - assume bad internet connection somewhere

the rider list on the right hand side is a bit glitchy - when you have 5 people lined up waiting to start then they jump around swapping order on the list. Likewise riders who are head to head jump swap order in the list several times per second. I’m guessing this is ok but looks funny.

One further thing is when you have loads of people lined up ready to start and you’re approaching at speed it’s a bit like riding headlong into a crowd of bikes…be good if the lined up at the other side of the road - or don’t display them until they actually start pedalling.