Odd bug when joining an event late - endless circling

I joined an Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop event around 30 seconds to a minute late. I got dropped with the main group at the bottom of the ramp down from the fairground. As I started cycling I was turned around and sent back up the ramp and eventually was left riding around in circles inside the building near the end of the pier/boardwalk. I saw at least one person had ended up in the building in the same situation before me. It looked as though I wasn’t going to be going anywhere for that ride so I logged off and joined a ride an hour later.

I’ve put a video up on youtube as it probably explains better what was happening youtu.be / i5D7VsKhcEs


The “going in circles” is often seen when riders late join rides but they tend to do a lap or two around the riders, then settles. Also can happen with app version mis-match. I suspect that as your event ride was so big and you were late joining when 450+ riders were in close proximity at the start, you just witnessed the worst of it. Late joining a 10 mins later and you would likely have been ok.

If it happens again though, I’d be passing the log file off to Zwift to see whats going on.

Interesting to see the effort Zwift put in to parts of the map that people dont usually see.

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GPLama has been caught in the endless loop once on a live stream. If I recall correctly it was while doing Repack ridge. As he was riding between the finish and start points he managed to get stuck doing circles with no way out. I think it’s just one of those magic bugs that Zwift throws up every now and then.

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