Late joining & new pack dynamics


I would like to share some feedback on late joining.

It is a good feature you can still join when you would be a couple of minutes late. But I have a problem were people get joined in, at the front of the race.

Yesterday at a stage of the Tour Of Watopia, Big Loop route, people were still spawning in after 15 to 20 minutes and got morphed into the front of the race. I know, because I was battling around 8 tot 10 th place. We were riding up the EPIC and about 5 to 8 riders spawned into my group of 4. It was really annoying and not fair since they didn’t had to do the complete EPIC KOM. I also had to put in an extra effort because I got stuck after one late joining rider that did not match our pace and I lost contact with my bunch and had to close the gap.

I am not opposed against late joining, but why cannot they join at the back? It would make more sense, since then they can ride the whole ride and do not mess up others their race.

Concerning the new pack dynamics, thank you Zwift for making things more realistic. It is much nicer to ride into a pack, not going through riders anymore like we used to. I hope you guys are still working on it, improving the pack dynamics further, because more then I would like to my avatar gets a reset and suddenly I find myself a few positions back, 5 to name a number. Yesterday I found myself in a reset-loop that took a good 30 seconds or about. Reset, 1 second later, another reset, 2 seconds later, another reset, 1 second later yet again a reset …
That reset is not always annoying, and perhaps equally - but that does not stand out this much - you get a good reset, and thus you really do not notice.

Keep up the good work improving the game.

Yeah, kind of annoying but it isn’t a race.


Although I agree that late joiners should not be spawned at the front of a GROUP RIDE. What is more annoying is people treating a GROUP RIDE as a race…

Why not just join a race?


To paraphrase an old sailing truth: Any time you have to bikes going in the same direction, you have a race. This is never more true than in Zwift. But the point by Mr. Rowe is exactly right: The TofW isn’t a race even though we have a leaderboard and we’re all on the rivet for the duration. Hey, wait a minute! That’s a race!

In most of these events, the only thing really differentiating most of these “Rides” from a “Races” is the Zwiftpower points you get when you do well. When they put a leaderboard in there, many of us see this as a more serious event. Nothing worse than getting UPG’d out of a good result because you were battling it out with the other down cat riders who joined the D group ride for recovery and got carried away…


If late joining, we will not get the t-shirt right? Eventho you finish the lap. Correct me if i am wrong.

I don’t unedrstand how works “late joining”: I’ve using it and time to time I land in the middle of the race (sorry, the “ride”), at the end (but never in the front pack). But I was in the front pack on TOW and observed some newcomers landing in the middle of us. I think late joining should land you in the middle (so that you can join a group of rider who are not “racing” at the front). Landing at the end make sense, but the risk is that you’ll ride alone, which is not very intersting…

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You are wrong. I purposely tested this (as I had the same question) in TOW Stage 5. I late joined on my first bout of Stage 5, and was granted the second level kit (although with no on-screen notification - which seems to be the case with everyone).

Worse still, I was registered as being in 38th place in the standings:

zwiftpower DOT COM /events.php?zid=2001876

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