more odd visuals today

Saw a live rider riding the loop in the opposite direction.

When in first person view, I dont cast a shadow. Only my bike does.

I’ve rode the wrong direction before… it sucks when that happens.

today I’ve seen :

  1. myself going the wrong direction
  2. someone else going the correct way (mayberry) but clear on the other side of the road.
  3. KOM, Sprint clocks just keep going
  4. No AI riders today ?

I think the AI riders were taking a vacation day today. Everyone needs one once in a while.

I have ridden the wrong way. Totally through me for a loop as I thought the resistance was getting harder on the down hills and easier on the ups. Then I got a clue and realized everything was backwards.

So what causes the riding backwards? Is that on purpose to shake things up or a bug?