Bug, hack, or Beta?

Took these ‘pix’ on my ride today. Is this a bug, a hack, or just someone testing a new feature?

Am I missing something here?


The arms of the cyclist in blue change colour and are glowing.

No that is the workout mode board showing.

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Then I don’t know.

That rider is doing a workout and their current power output is at threshold (in the top pic).
Grey screen = active recovery (Zone 1)
Blue = endurance (Zone 2)
Green = tempo (Zone 3)
Yellow = threshold (Zone 4)
Red-Orange = VO2Max (Zone 5)
Bright Red = anaerobic (Zone 6)

Perhaps I should have given more information, but I thought for sure some of the long-time Zwifters would pick it up:

The rider is going in the REVERSE direction on the Richmond course. I’ve never seen that before.

The rider did a u-turn. Anyone can do that, it’s been part of zwift for as long as I remember.

A part of Zwift, yes, but not on the Richmond course. It has been one-way, only, since it’s introduction, I believe.

IIRC some time ago I read info that some guy was able to ride Richmond in reverse way. Not sure if that info is correct and what the trick actually was/is (as far as I can remember he didn’t share “how to”) …


If I recall correctly Zwift blocked the hack in an update.

I agree. The first thing I noticed was a reverse rider in Richmond. I really like Richmond, , fun to race. As already stated, the glowing arms are the edges of the workout screen with the rider’s arms on the aero bars.