Richmond Reverse: the claimed "impossible" is now possible for Outlaws!

99% sure this is a hack much like world swap has been for the last two years but some folks figured out how to ride Richmond in the reverse direction! It’s about time someone figured this out! Time to open it up for real!

Yeah I was watching Jonathan Levie riding it earlier. Shenanigans!

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I didn’t want to say any names. The last time I risked someone’s anonymity on here I got the post closed down and a mod’s finger wagged at me.

Also it looks like he’s still at it nearly 3 hours later.


Hardly anonymous. He posted it in Zwift Riders.

It does beg the question why can’t we ride it in reverse any time we want. =)


Rumor has it, there are a few folks out there trying to make a point. Someone maybe lowered their CdA, rolling resistance or used a Cade power up during a race recently?

I’m happy sharing fun stuff with the community, and anything on the opposite end of the spectrum that’s game breaking gets sent to HQ instead. Richmond Reverse worked REALLY well. Next Richmond day is February 15? Maybe we can go for it again and get another community ride going.

How do you do reverse?