Riding the opposite way

So, today I logged on, and I was riding the opposite way, on the two-lane road instead of the two-lane bike path. It threw me for a loop, at first (pun not intended). I ended up re-starting, which put me in the normal direction, so I could ride with others on-line at the time.

A couple of things I saw today. There is a dangerous building protruding into the road just after the start/finish line. I narrowly avoided it. Drafting and sprinting against A. Parsons was great. Although, I would like to see the Leader’s jersey go to whomever has the fastest lap split instead of it just being another sprint point. I guess that could change once we start racing.

Great ride today, overall. It seems that most of the bugs are being worked out. My Wahoo cadence worked great, and my HR monitor did not drop.

By A. Parsons did you mean A. Parker? I think we were sprinting against each other – lots of fun but if my memory serves me I didn’t give you too much trouble!

Yes, A. Parker. You got me on the climb, so good on you. That was a blast.

Sorry for the belated response on this.

Ian, do you have the log files from that ride? If you do, please open a ticket with us and attach those. If not, it’d be helpful if you could still send us your DxDiag file so that we can see if there’s a common trend among people experiencing this issue.

Thanks for the help!