anti-clockwise route

much prefer this way around. Not sure why, but thanks!


I don’t

I like the variety, not sure I prefer it yet but it kept me on the bike for over 2 hours today so something’s working :slight_smile:

I had a nice few laps with G Gibbons too which was nice.

How about we make anti-clockwise the route for ‘recovery’ and ‘sunday’ rides? Then you won’t feel as compelled to compete in the segments EVERY SINGLE RIDE. :sunglasses:

Tried it for the first time last night.

The climb segment going clockwise was a nice, contained and consistent climb - anti-clockwise it’s a bit of a drag, then a flat, then a climb. It’s messy. And the sprint is basically a run-off from the descent.

It’s fine for just steady rides, but harder to segment for training. It would be nice to have the option of either way.

I was thinking it would be nice for it to switch each day. So Odd dates are clockwise and even dates are counter clockwise.

Only challenge switching it I see is that if someone is riding at that point…what happens?