Update 9/14.

Very frustrating… I could not ride this morning due to work commitments and now i see I missed experiencing new update. How am i supposed to work today thinking of all the nice goodies out there on Zwift…very frustrating!

On a serious note, Thanks guys for all your hard work , I cant wait to get on the bike and see for my self what you have done and i can imagine even more happened under the hood.

Excellent upgrade! I was however experiencing time-based alignment issues with both orange and blue progress bars. The actual time remaining throughout Tea Dimension Data Academy Threshold Pushing workout wasn’t synchronised or rather, the bars weren’t progressing fast enough to keep up with the count down. iMac computer

Loves" Hair includes ponytail!

            No drop-outs in group rides


Dislikes: While map is basically a good move, I would rather have the old one for races. It is too far away to see where you are on the hills and especially the % climb number is too small.  Next update, I hope it will improve a bit more. Evolution.