Points Progress Today - seemed to be stuck

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #1

The good news is I finally got the stars aligned on my Mac version and it was fine.

However on my ride this morning (about 0200-0300 UTC) the points progress bar refused to budge.

Every time I did a kilometre it showed as 20+ points but the orange bar didn’t fill up.

I hadn’t looked at my points total before and after so I can’t tell if it was just a graphics issue or if they were not being added to my profile. Everything else seemed OK.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

20 points is nothing. The bar you are filling takes 3000 points at the level you’re at. 40km = 800 points over the hour, which would have moved it about 25-30% over the entire ride. Possibly moving so little you just didn’t notice.

The good news is I checked the database and you certainly got credited for what you earned, so I think you’re probably good to go.

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #3


I realise it goes slowly for each kilometre and don’t expect to see it jump each km but it didn’t move at all. I started just inside level 8 and it was still there at the end judging from its position in relation to the other graphics.

As for 20 points being nothing - how do you think we feel when we get the 10 point ‘bonus’ :wink:

Anyway, if the points were credited that’s good to know, thanks for checking.

Come to think of it I’ve done nearly four and half hours now without seeing the Big +… does that get rarer as you go upwards or am I just having a bad run of burritos?

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Actually if you want to take a screenshot next time you start a ride (F10 key) and then another right before you finish maybe we can verify your issue and see if the bar has even moved a single pixel.

The +10 is sorta meant to be a letdown, and the ‘big plus’ is the rarest bonus of them all so it’s not surprising that you hardly see one. I think I’ve gotten one in the last 2 weeks. Once the points mean something a bit more interesting they may even become more rare.

(Jeff Abbott) #5

please report these kinds of bugs with a support ticket for verification first

-Team Zwift