Bonus Bar Has stopped Increasing

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #1

Competed up to level 7 on the Zwift “Bonification Bar”, but it has stopped incrementing now. Is this a known bug, or a local issue with my account? Not a real impediment to Zwifting, but might be an issue at roll-out…

(Allan Watkins) #2

I’m inching my way towards level 10 and I think another guy on here is like 11 so it sounds like it might be an issue graphically or with your account. If you restart zwift does it still show no gains?

Hopefully the team can help out, attach your logs from /documents/zwift/logs/log.txt and use the “submit a request” at the top of the page as well since the logs from your side of things may help them out.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

If you’re stuck on level 7 then you’re probably running a copy of Zwift that’s over a month old. You should be running Zwift from the start menu or the link on the desktop if you want the latest updates to download.

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #4

Many thanks - that’s Interesting - I had pinned the Zwift shortcut to the Taskbar - when I launched from a link on the desktop it went to update straight away. I don’t understand why that would be, I’m sure it makes sense to others!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

Level 10 is the max for now.

(Jon Mayfield) #6

Greg, I see you flying that level 10 jersey with pride :slight_smile: More bikes and wheels are coming, we’re working on it. Soon the new bikes will actually mean something too, for performance.

Anyway, I think we’ll have to put some checks in to force people to run Zwift how we are expecting them to. I hadn’t expected people to be running it direct from the install folder.