No points for last two rides

Anyone experienced zero acquisition of points over a lengthy ride? Just did a couple of rides - 23km and 9km - but my “status” points didn’t move. Not the first time this has happened, but I was looking forward to a new bike!! :slight_smile:

Hi Warren. Sometimes when I’m riding, the miles progress bar does not add, until the end of the ride. Perhaps this happens when in workout mode? I do get the miles credit at the end. Were these rides in workout mode? Some functions (like giving ride ons) may be disabled for workouts. Not sure.

In workout mode XP points are awarded at the end of each interval / workout segment not after each mile or km as you normally get.

Thanks for taking ththe time to reply guys. I get what’s happened now. I knew if I didn’t complete workout erg session I wouldn’t get whatever points were due, but was forced to sit it down early with an internet interruption. But restarting a non-erg session straight away, it’s like Zwift didn’t have time to reset, and refused to tick over the 20 pts/km. The same thing happened today after finishing a hard session and then restarting for recovery starts guy away - wouldn’t register at all. Maybe a Zwift internal Comms issue?

you always get points. Look at the numbers at the end of a ride, not the orange bar. It is a scale. Levels change from 500 to 5000 points. It won’t appear to be moving, esp on short rides under 50 km. If you have a problem, take a screen shot of your actual number of points and what level you are on (1-24?)