Mac - Reaction after first ride of 3 laps...

(Brian Obie (WCCC)) #1

Knee-jerk reactions to my first ride on Zwift.

  1. cool! I’m going to shoot for a 10 lap ride this morning.

  2. The software doesn’t feel very integrated with the Mac. For example, the menus don’t work for me and the command-A doesn’t allow selecting the full set of text being entered in the password or id fields if you want to delete and start over. I’m not sure what the program is written in but it kind of feels like it’s not completely OSX native code. That’s ok once you get on the bike and get riding but feels a little clunky on the administrative side.

  3. I was really confused for a while because I couldn’t figure out which of the shapes on the topographical views was me riding. The main problem in the end was that I was assuming that I would be moving from left to right on the graphic. Maybe this was just me but once I realized to interpret the graphic as me moving from right to left everything started to make more sense. Curious if others had this problem with mapping to the graphics. Maybe a few screens of education on the front would have gotten me past this. As it was it probably took me 20 minutes to get a good feel for what was happening with that graphic.

(Jason Roth) #2

I completely agree with your comments, they echo mine - the interface feels a bit clunky, and the course overviews moving from right to left confused the heck out of me - I was on lap 4 before I figured it out, then all was good.

Definitely better than riding alone, with our without videos.

(Gethin Musk AWR R) #3

Totally agree with 3 - It should definitely be left to right, not right to left!

(Christopher Pallotta) #4

Also on a Mac and agree with you. It does run well, though, when you get past the odd interface issues.

I believe they recently changed the direction people ride on the island to shake things up a bit. My guess is that when riding in the original direction, the rider moved left to right on the graph. If they change directions, I think they should flip the graphic so the rider icon always moves left to right.